Amongst our club events, the Handicap races are an integral part of Otter, and have a fine history of tradition behind them. The handicap events were first contested in 1870 and provide an opportunity for every member to win one of the trophies donated by Otter alumni over the years. These are both open water and pool races and are mainly swum from a staggered start, with the winner being the person most inside or closest to their handicap time. The Hon. Handicapper sets the times, and being of inscrutable character cannot be bribed to ease the times!

There are two overall handicap trophies, one for open water events only and one for all the pool and open water handicap events combined. The trophies and 2018 winners are:

  • Handicap Points Overall - George H. Rope Averages Trophy (1911): Nico Barber

  • Hanidcap Points Open Water - Frank Sachs Challenge Cup (1923): Nico Barber

Upcoming dates for the handicap events are shown below (if available):

Handicap Events

Individual handicap events and trophies are:

  • 50m Freestyle - St. George's Challenge Cup (1893)

  • 100m Freestyle - Sir Pyers Mostyn, Bt. Challenge Cup (1955)

  • 125m Freestyle - Ladies' Challenge Cup (1874)

  • 150m Freestyle - Baldon Challenge Cup (1934)

  • 200m Freestyle - A. Jonas Cup (1935)

  • 400m IM - Alex Ferguson Trophy (2002)

  • Veteran's 50m Freestyle - Synge-Hutchinson Challenge Cup (1931)

  • Sealed 100m Freestyle - David Craig Salver (2004)

  • Quarter Mile - 2nd Tom Batt Challenge Cup (1994)

  • Half Mile - J.W. Rope Memorial (1921)

  • Mile - Jack Cunningham Salver (1951)

2019 Handicap Results

Overall handicap rankings: Handicap Rankings

Open-water handicap rankings: Open-water Rankings

Individual handicap events and winners for 2019 are:


A full list of historical handicap event winners can be found here: Historical Handicap Winners

Previous and current year's results:

Handicap News