2017 Handicap Final Results

The final events of the 2017 Handicap competition were held at QMSC on 8 March 2018 resulting in the overall handicap championship being won by Etienne Cambier. Etienne was joint winner of the trophy for 2016 along with Pip Bennett so this year Etienne will get to keep the trophy alone.

The final two events were the 50m Freestyle Handicap and 400m Individual Medley Handicap with winners Clelia Di Marco and Gina Hobson respectively. The top three for each were:

50m Freestyle Handicap

  1. Clelia Di Marco, -0.94 (Handicap 40.0, Actual 39.06)
  2. Sophie Clarke, -0.50 (31.0, 30.50)
  3. Rammy Elsaadany, +0.06 (30.0, 30.06)

400m Individual Medley Handicap

  1. Gina Hobson, -6.48 (Handicap 6:05, Actual 5:58.52)
  2. Enrique Ruiz, -4.81 (5:10, 5:05.19)
  3. Etienne Cambier, +5.06 (5:15, 5:20.06)

Full results for each Handicap Event and the overall rankings can be found here: Otter Handicap 2017 Results.