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Otter Swimming

If you are interested in joining Otter Swimming please send an email to to organise a free trial session. Trial sessions usually take place on the Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evening training sessions at Queen Mother Sports Centre.

Otter Water Polo

If you're interested in joining Otter Water Polo please send an email to the water polo captain Peggy (Ladies) or Leon (Mens) to organise a free trial session. 


Already done a trial & now want to sign up? Please start by entering your details in our members site:


The full year active member fee is £636 p.a. This can be paid yearly in one lump sum. Alternatively, you can pay quarterly (£180) or monthly (£60).

The type of membership you hold with Otter will affect the fees you pay:
•    Active Member (25% - 50% discount for students & juniors)
•    Country Member (for those permanently residing outside the M25)
•    Temporary Member £68 monthly (if visiting for 4 months or less.)  

A one-off joining fee of £60 also applies for all new members. There is a 50% discount for students to £30.

If you would like to compete there is a further annual fee of £27.50 to cover the competition registration with the ASA.

Further details regarding the types of membership we offer are available here

Mailing List & Login

If you want to make sure you are kept up-to-date with the latest Otter information, please ensure we have your current e-mail address and that you are subscribed to our mailing lists. You can view and modify your subscriptions & details in our members site: Otter do not pass your personal details on to any third parties.

Otter Swimming Club Committee

Committee 2019-20

President: Paul Hindle

Vice President: Lesley Davies (Health & Safety, Welfare and Coaching)

Hon. Treasurer: Chris Eden

Hon. Secretary: Lesley Davies

Hon. Handicapper: Dave Warren

Captains of Swimming: Pip Bennett, Camille Vrain

Captain of Water Polo (Men):  Leon Estrella 

Captain of Water Polo (Women): (Vacant)

Committee members: James Williams (Water Polo), Abi Hucker (Swimming), Sarah-Jane Law (Swimming), Ben Phelps (Swimming)

Past Officers

Otter has a great history in British swimming and this is in no small part thanks to its members and past officers of the club.

Club Rules and Policies

All members should familiarise themselves with the club rules and policies. Contact your captains or committee representatives if you have any questions.

Club Rules

The Otter Club Rules can be viewed here.

Club Policies

The Otter Code of Conduct is available here.

The Otter Policy on Safeguarding and Child Welfare can be viewed here.

Further information for members and parents of under 18’s concerning Safeguarding and Child Welfare can be found here.

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

Otter History and Annual Reports


Otter was formed in 1869. We are one of the oldest and most well-known swimming clubs in the country with a proud history. A detailed history of Otter Swimming Club, its activities, and many of its personalities can be read in the Otter History 150th Anniversary History written by former President, James Stewart along with the 125th Anniversary report written in 1994 by John Goodbody:

Otter History 150th Anniversary (2019)

Otter History 125th Anniversary (1994)


Club colours were first awarded in 1907 for Swimming and Water Polo Teams. This was followed by Diving and Ornamental Swimming 1922, Water Polo and Swimming 2nd Team 1927,  Plunging 1936, Long Distance Swimming 1965, and most recently Masters swimming and Multi-sport in 1993. 

A full list of honoured members are detailed here.


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