2017 Handicap Update

With two events remaining of the 2017 handicap the overall handicap winner is yet to be decided. The current rankings are as follows:

1. Hayley Davis, 28 points
2. Chris Delahunt, 21
3= Joana Sandrin Gauer, Robert Mackay, Etienne Cambier, 18

The 2017 handicap events started with the open water events in July and August followed by the pool events in October, November and December. The winners of each event were:

Half-Mile (14 July): Barbara Woodward
Mile (28 July): Mike Reys
Quarter-Mile (12 August): Alex Fraser
100m Freestyle (19 October): Sam Goff
Sealed 100m Freestyle (2 November): Hayley Davis
200m Freestyle (12 November): Martin Sartorius
125m Freestyle (16 November): Enrico Hahn
150m Freestyle (7 December): Chris Delahunt
Veteran's 50m Freestyle (7 December): Tony Ray

The final two events are the 50 Freestyle and 400 IM which were moved from December and currently deferred until the pool work is completed at QMSC.

George H. Rope Averages Trophy

George H. Rope Averages Trophy