BWPL GAMES...IN london!

Next weekend there is a near-by opportunity to watch the Otter Men’s 1st team and the Otter Ladies 2nd team (Otter Lutra) play some of their British Water Polo League games.

The venue is the The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, in Elstree (Butterfly Lane, Elstree, Herts WD6 3AF).  Which is an impressive brand new swimming facility.

Saturday 11th February
1:10pm Otter v Hucknall (Mens Championship 3)
2:20pm Otter Lutra v Hucknall (Ladies Championship 1)

Sunday 12th February
11:20am Otter v Bridgefield (Mens Championship 3)
1:40pm Otter Lutra v West London Penguin Emperors (Ladies Championship 1)

See you there!