Yet Another Successful Training Camp!

To avoid a clash with the Masters European Championships this year, we decided that our annual La Santa training camp would take place earlier than usual. So on the weekend of 22nd - 24th June, over 30 Otters and their partners flew to Lanzarote from London as well as Zurich, Barcelona, Bristol and Manchester!

All the ingredients were there this year to make this an unforgettable experience. We celebrated three birthdays with Olivia, Deirdre’s husband Mike and Oliver’s wife Aisha. Olli put together a challenging quiz for the Monday night and made sure the questions were kept secret as even Aisha couldn’t get hold of them! Tuesday’s group activity was a private bounce class in the sun, organised by Gina. We shared this class with our friends from Mid Sussex Marlins and it proved a challenge for endurance as well as coordination. Bucketloads of sweat later, many Otters were happy to go back to the pool if only to cool down.  On Wednesday, we donned our Sparta costumes for the traditional night out in Puerto del Carmen. A sight to behold as many of us had done multiple ab-attack classes to look toned in the revealing outfits.  On Friday night Otters and Marlins got together again to do some fun relays and to enjoy a BBQ. For those wondering what the fun relays are, imagine swimming backstroke but feet forward (ask Emma how that works!) or swim in a Sparta helmet 

But of course, we were there not just to have fun but mainly to get fit. So there were two two hour swim sessions a day. Aeron returned for one week after saying goodbye to Otter earlier this year and she did a splendid job in making sure the sessions were both challenging and varied (who knew there was another warmup than 400/4x100/4x50?). Besides the pooltime, the stretch sessions as well as ab attack, HIIT and pilates/yoga proved popular not only with the swimmers, but also with HUBS and WAGS who joined in, trying their best to improve their fitness levels as well! 

For those who are thinking about joining the Otter camp next year, it’s a great week of fun and hard work. Come and talk to anyone who’s been before if you’re still in doubt!