2016 Handicap winners

Congrats to the Otter 2016 Handicap winners Pip Bennet, Etienne Cambier & Joana Sandrin.

There are two overall handicap trophies, one for open water events only and one for all the pool and open water handicap events combined. Pip Bennett and Etienne Cambier were joint winners of the Overall Handicap Points Trophy (George H. Rope Averages Trophy, 1911). And Pip Bennett was back at it again becoming joint winners with Joanna Gauer of the Handicap Points Open Water Trophy,(Frank Sachs Challenge Cup, 1923).

Full list of individual handicap events, trophies and winners for 2016 are:

  • Mile (Jack Cunningham Salver, 1951): Not contested (event cancelled)
  • Half Mile (J.W. Rope Memorial, 1921): Katherine Mearman
  • Quarter Mile (2nd Tom Batt Challenge Cup, 1994): Daniel Shunn
  • Veteran's 50m Freestyle (Synge-Hutchinson Challenge Cup, 1931): Roger Sharpley
  • Sealed 100m Freestyle (David Craig Salver, 2004): Wade Rimbach
  • 50m Freestyle (St. George's Challenge Cup, 1893): Etienne Cambier
  • 100m Freestyle (Sir Pyers Mostyn, Bt. Challenge Cup, 1955): Giuseppe Bonavota
  • 125m Freestyle (Ladies' Challenge Cup, 1874): Alex Capon
  • 150m Freestyle (Baldon Challenge Cup, 1934): Alex Capon
  • 200m Freestyle (A. Jonas Cup, 1935): Matt Wan
  • 400m IM (Alex Ferguson Trophy, 2002): Camille Vrain

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the handicap this year. But be warned. Dave will use your awesome swims against you in the future when working out your handicap for the 2017 competition.