Otter Club Handicap

Now that the summer is feeling well and truly over it is time to kick off the pool handicap events.

Starting with the 150m Freestyle Handicap on Sunday 16 October. This will be held during the normal Sunday session at QMSC, about 45-60 minutes after the start of the session.

The handicap events have a long tradition within Otter dating back to the late 1800s and this is a tradition we all should be keen to continue. These events allow everyone to race equally by providing swimmers with a handicap start time (as determined by Dave, the Hon. Handicapper) with the aim of everyone finishing together. The most improved from their handicap time will be the winner! Most events have a trophy and points gained from all events combine to an overall handicap trophy presented at the Annual Dinner.

The pool handicap dates are as follows. Sun 16th: October 150 Freestyle handicap, Thu 20 Oct: 100m and 200m Freestyle Handicaps, Thu 10 Nov: Sealed 100m Freestyle (part of Club Championships), Thu 1 Dec: 125m Freestyle and Veterans (over 45s) 50m Freestyle Handicaps, Thu 15 Dec: 50m Freestyle and 400m IM Handicaps.

Get involved & good luck!