Tying up the Open Water Season

On Saturday 29 September four Otter swimmers took part in the Outdoor Swimming Society’s Hurly Burly event. Despite the cold temperatures, both in and out of the water, the sun was out and the quick current made sure that it was a thoroughly enjoyable swim.

Sam took part in the 10km swim, completing it in 1 hr 35 mins. Dave Warren, James Dickinson and Gina Hobson took part in the run-swim, combining an 11 km run with the 10 km swim as follows:

  • Dave: Run 0:45:04, swim 1:25:56, total 2:10:59

  • James: Run 0:52:27, swim 1:21:47, total 2:14:14

  • Gina: Run 1:09:49, swim 1:33:36, total 2:43:24

James finished third and Dave finished first in the run-swim.

The event promotion questioned if this is “The Fastest 10k Swim in The World?”, as the swim times suggest, it certainly could be! The full report from the Outdoor Swimming Society can be found here: https://www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com/hurly-burly-2018-event-report.

James also participated in the Serpentine six mile event the previous weekend, finishing in 2hrs 17mins and winning the event.