Otters show off at GLLAM

This year, fellow London-based masters swim team Out To Swim hosted their annual GLLAM meet (Gay & Lesbian London Aquatics Meet) at the fabulous London Aquatics Centre on Saturday, 9th September 2017. Over 300 swimmers across 58 clubs from 15 countries entered, and whilst many Otters were heading out to Club La Santa, Lanzarote, to begin a week-long training camp, 10 swimmers competed at this feel-good meet!

Alice Dinsdale-Young kicked-off the performances of the day, equalling the time she swam at World Championships in the 200m Individual Medley, whilst Dave Adamson's very impressive and out-of-the-blue time of 2:17.27 would have earned him 6th place at last month's World Championships! Christophe Amardeilh also achieved a master's best time in the same event. 

Kara Jancourtz's debut swim of the season also proved successful, with a gold medal in the 100m backstroke, and Etienne Cambier achieved a master's best time in the 100m freestyle, finishing in 4th place. Dontony Gill-Nasadi achieved a second personal best time in the 50m breaststroke this summer, further improving on his performance from Budapest.


After an entertaining lunch-break, featuring a synchronised swimming demonstration from Out To Swim's female and male talent, the racing resumed with the 100m Butterfly, where both Catherine Demont and Craig Gillespie picked up gold medals. 

A strong Otter presence was felt in the final individual event, 100m Breaststroke, with the gold & silver medal positions across four age/gender categories being swept up. Camille Vrain finished in a very respectable second place, despite being unwell the day prior, and making a very last-minute decision to still compete, and Matt Wan swam a faster time than he had at the World Championships, achieving a master's best.


That being said, the highlight of the day proved to be GLLAM's signature event - the mixed 10x50m freestyle. All 10 Otters present had a spot in the team, several of whom were still breathing heavily and full of lactic acid from just completing the 100m Breaststroke! After an exciting performance and a solid effort, Otter finished in a close second place behind their friends at LUST (London Universities Swim Team).  There's always next year...

(left to right) Camille, Catherine, Craig, Dave, Christophe, Dontony, Alice, Kara, Etienne, Matt

(left to right) Camille, Catherine, Craig, Dave, Christophe, Dontony, Alice, Kara, Etienne, Matt