Wins at Barnet Copthall Sprints Meet

A small Otter team of Wade, Kim, Yuri, Matt, Catherine & Lex competed at the Barnet Copthall Sprints meet on Sunday 4th September taking the opportunity to get some race practice in and swim some different events to get those decathlon points. 

Kim Liu (18-24) won the 50 Breaststroke, 100 Breastroke, and was 2nd in the 50 Freestyle & 100IM. Youri Schwartz (25-29) Won the 25 Meter Freestyle & 50 Backstroke. Was 2nd in the 100IM & finished 6th 50 Butterfly & 100 Freestyle. Wade Rimbach (30-34) won the 100 Butterfly, 100IM, 100 Breastroke & finished 3rd in the 100 Backstroke. Matt Wan (30-34) won the 50 Breaststroke, but finished 2nd behind Wade in the 100IM, 100 Breastroke & was also 2nd in the 50 Freestyle. Catherine Demont (25-29) won the 25 Freestyle, 100 Breaststroke and was 2nd in the 50 Backstroke, 50 Breastroke & 100 Backstroke. Lex Higlett (30-34) won the 100 Freestyle, 100 Butterfly, 100 Backstroke & 100IM, before false starting and getting DQ'd in the 50 Freestyle. Full results from the meet can be seen here

Big thanks to Coach Steve for his race advice & analysis throughout the meet & to Barnet Copthall for organizing another well run, on schedule Masters event.