Ping Pong and a new Ladies Waterpolo Tradition

Otter women's water polo club celebrated the end of a successful 2015/16 season, testing their dexterity over ping pong duels at Bounce. A healthy dose of competition and strength among the teams saw balls flying, and friendships in tatters..but at the end of the day, a wonderful time was had by all. 

A proud new tradition was also inaugurated, with club colours being introduced at the event. For the first time in Otter's history, a women's blazer has been made, to be handed down through the Ladies Waterpolo Club Captains.  The Blazer was presented on Sunday to outgoing captain Lex Higlett (2012-2016). 

Lex was "very honoured to be the first Lady Otter Waterpolo player to wear the club colours" and was excited to think of all the talented committed Otters who will wear the jacket in years to come. Otter Swimming Club has such a rich history & so many great club traditions. It is great for Ladies polo, a newer part of the club, to start such a lovely tradition. Lex will hand the colours down to the next Ladies Waterpolo Captain, Tracey Allen, at the beginning of the 2016 / 2017 season. 

The 2017/17 National League commences in September. Both Otter teams are looking forward to the 'International break'  before kicking into pre-season training in August. We wish all of our GB and other representatives the best of luck with their preparations for their upcoming  training camps, selection & tournaments.

Big thanks to Kathy & Mhairi for organising Sunday. To Claudia for a most delicious homemade gluten free birthday cake. It was probably the best tasting gluten free cake ever eaten. Happy Birthday CLAUDIA!