Day 4 was another big day at the London Aquatic Centre for Otter with 3 medals, 5 new club records & lots of good swims. 

200 Back
Hayley Davis picked up her 3rd Otter record of the meet with a 2:31.95 in the 200 Backstroke, finishing 7th in the 30-34 age group. Katie Kerr was 6th in the same age group with a time of 2:42.31 while Liz Redbath was 9th in the 70-74 in 4:21.06. Ben Thomas (2:25.60) was 18th in the 30-34, Wade Rimbach two spots behind in 20th (2:26.10) & Christophe Amadeilh set a new Otter club record in the 35-39 years 2:32.20 finishing 28th.

50 Fly
Roger Lloyd-Mostyn picked up a bronze medal in the 75-79 age group setting a new club record of 38.75. Derek Parr (34.34) also picked up his 3rd medal of the competition, a bronze in the 70-74. Emma Cartwright set a new club record of 39.91 in the  40-44 age group. Gina Hobson (31.80) was 17th in the 35-39 years, Emma Shkurka (31.64) was 18th in the ladies 30-34. Ollie Caldwell & Russell Woolley swam exactly the same time 27.87 to finish equal 33rd in the 30-34. Olivier Geleoc (29.60) was 46th in the  40-44 years, Ben Pardoe (28.12) was 54th in the 25-29 group while Simon Williams (33.84) finished 80th in the 50-54 years. 

100 Free
Roger Lloyd-Mostyn continued his stellar form picking up his second medal of the day. This one was silver in 75-79 with a time of 1:20.03. Peter Kirk was 3rd in the 60-64 years setting a new club record of 1:03.82. Lex Higlett (1.02.24) & Gina Hobson (1.02.91) both finished in the top 10 of their age groups with Lex finishing 7th in the 30-34 & Gina placing 9th in the 35-59. Laure Kearns was 15th in the 30-34 years with a 1:03.96, Olivia Reynolds (1:05.07) was 24th & Diaga Taurite (1:18.08) was 104th in in same age group. Catherine Demont continued her great form in the freestyle & was the fastest Otter lady over 100m with a 1:01.70 finishing 16th in the 25-29 years age group, while Jess Trevellick finished 46th in 1:05.96. Josh Sambrook-Smith's 56.74 was the fastest male Otter swim, Josh finished 23rd in the 30-34. Ollie Caldwell backed up from his 50Fly to swim 58.13 and finish 39th, Mike Reys was 35th in the 40-44 with a 59.70.  Christophe Amarfeilh was  67th in the 35-39 with a 1:00.93. Simon Williams was 71th in the 50-54 swimming a 1:05.24. Etienne Cambier (58.72) was 84th in the 25-29, Gergely Orosz (1:01.61) was 95th in the 30-34 and Yuri Schwartz (1:01.40) was 141st in the 25-29 age group. 

400 Free women
Five Otter ladies competed in the 400 free. Lex Higlett finished 5th in the 30-34 age group with a time of 4:53.65, Jess Thorpe was 10th in the same age group swimming a 5:02.20. Lesley Cook was 14th in the 55-59 finishing in 6:10.39 while Jane McMenemy was 15th in the 45-49 with a time of 5:19.76. Anne-Marie Benoy swam a 6:01.18 to finish 78th in the youngest 25-29 age group. 

4x50 Mixed Free relay
The Otter 160+ mixed freestyle relay team of Dave Warren (25:51), Mike Reys (26.46), Emma Shkurka (28.17), Gina Hobson (28.15) finished 5th in a time of 1:48.29 beating the younger 120+ team by 0.11. The 120+ team of Josh Sambrook-Smith (26.15), Wade Rimbach (26.28), Catherine Demont (27.82), Lex Higlett (28.15) finished 8th with a 1:48.40. The younger team would like a re-race please oldies. 

Otter 120+ Mixed Free team: Josh, Wade, Catherine & Lex 

Otter 120+ Mixed Free team: Josh, Wade, Catherine & Lex