After a whole lot of faffing it is finally time for the LEN European Masters Championships here in London! The competition kicks off bright and early on Wednesday morning with the 200IM, and promises to be a massive week of swimming. Good luck to all of the Otters competing. And remember: Dive like Craig, streamline like Wade, turn like Gina, FFS spot your finishes & above all else have fun like Jess.

Schedule and start lists can be found here

Access to training for swimmers competing at the Championships is available from 12 noon till 20:00 on Monday the 23rd May and from 08:00 till 20:00 on Tuesday 24th May. This will be managed with a limit of 200 in pool 1 at any one time and 160 in pool 2 at any one time. 

Reminder that all athletes swimming in the 400m & 800m Freestyle must reconfirm their intention to race by 18:00 the day prior to the race. This can be done online or at a terminal located at the Sport Info desk.

And what would a masters event be without the social events? Organised by the lovely Gina Hobson, the welcome social event for the GB Masters swimmers will be held at The Royal Inn on the Park pub (111 Lauriston Road, E9 7HJ, overlooking Victoria Park) from 5-10.30pm on Tuesday 24th May. More information about the event & tickets can be found here.  And once you've finished your swims on Sunday 29th come on down and celebrate of a successful week of racing (& make the most of the Bank holiday which follows.) More info on tickets for that one here.