The Otter 2016 La Santa Training Camp

Otters, the time has come to put your name down for this year's edition of the Otter La Santa training camp. If you're interested in attending please email Foxcatcher / James / Third by 15th February 2015. 

Dates: The 2016 camp will be held Saturday to Saturday, 10-17 September. This should be perfect timing for those competing at nationals in October.

The resort: The abilities of swimmers on the trip in previous years have ranged from Lane 1-2 swimmers through all the lanes. We have 4 hours of pool time a day (2x 2 hour sessions) with 4 lanes available to us. Steve provides us with a detail a training program for the week and helps to provide individual attention if wanted. All swimming is entirely optional if you wish miss a session and go to another class or just sit by the leisure pool no one is going to say anything, this is a holiday after all!

The price of the week entitles you to free use of the sports and leisure facilities at the resort, such as Tennis, Squash, Racket ball. Most classes, such as spin, ab attack and many different Yoga classes, are also included. The hire of equipment, and the majority of activities on the weekly program are also included.  You can get an idea of the classes and activates on offer @

Social: This is an extremely fun trip with lots of socialising as well as training! We arrange for a trip into Lanzarote for a night out (last year was a where’s Wally (or Waldo for those from the other side of the pond!) theme fancy dress). There is a big BBQ on the last night to celebrate finishing the week and a mid-week pasta night that is also very popular! It’s always a very friendly atmosphere with the chance to get to know people and make new friends!

Flights: Recommended flights are the Monarch flight from Gatwick flight. Leaves at 15:00 and arrives 19:15. Other possibilities are: EasyJet from Gatwick flight leaving at 16:35 and landing 20:50. Or those wishing to collect Avios can travel from Heathrow via Madrid with Iberia / BA. Leaves at 11:35 and lands at 17:35

Rooms: We always have a combination of couples and singles, so if you have a roommate preference, please let me know.

Coach: The cost for coaching staff to attend the camp will be be added to the quote from La Santa and distributed evenly among everyone going.

Late arrivals/Early departures: All rooms and prices will be for the entire week and we won't be able to discount the weekly rate for late arrivals or early departures. Rates are usually very reasonable and most are able to come for the whole week, so I hope this won't be an issue. If people want an idea on costs please email James / Third / Foxcatcher on the address below.

Deposit:  La Santa has been asked for a quote this publish deposit/payment amounts and deadlines when we have them. The deposit is non-refundable and usually due sometime in February so please try to be sufficiently sure that you are able to go.

This is a great week or training, fun & sun. So if you're interested in attending email by 15th February 2015 to register your interest and book a spot on the trip.