Jessica Trevellick wins the Otter Mile Handicap

The Otter Mile was held at Windsor on Friday 26 June. It was a fantastic evening, the weather was great and the water temperature was just right. The after-event food and social made the evening even more enjoyable. Many thanks to Tory Thorpe who organised the event. The top three for each category were: 

Men's Scratch Race:

1. Dave Warren (21:00)

2. Pip Bennett (21:14)

3. Dave Roberts (21:36)

Women's Scratch Race:

1. Lex Higlett (21:46)

2. Jess Trevellick (22:27)

3. Gina Hobson (23:35)


1. Jess Trevellick

2. Dave Roberts

3. Lex Higlett

Congratulations to everyone who swam, helped or supported.