GB Long Course Nationals

A romp of 22 Otters made the long journey down to the seaside, to the new Plymouth Life Centre facility. This weekend the team, fresh off a decisive Middlesex victory, took on the ‘Best of British’ at the annual GB Masters Long Course National Championships. Although the Otter contingent may have been a bit smaller than the usual, what they lacked in numbers, they certainly made up for in the quality of their achievements.

Early on in the meet Otter made its mark with record breaking success in the Men’s 200+ 4x200m F/C relay and the team didn't look back. In the short space of 2 hours the team of Pete Kirk, Peter Rae, Dan Bullock and Dave Warren not only broke the British record in the 200+ 4x200m F/C relay, they also broke the British record in the 200+ 4x100m F/C relay, not bad at all for an afternoon’s work! It has to be said the boys did make it somewhat nail biting on the 4x100 relay, taking the record by a mere 0.03s. Worth a day off work on Friday – Well done Gents!