Transferring a player from a club to Otter in the ASA system

It is fairly common for a person to be registered with more than 1 club. The club they have been a member of longest (according to the ASA's records) is their first claim club by default. Only the first claim club pays ASA fees.

You can add a player as a new Otter member as per the usual method and the ASA should be able to determine, when processing, that he is already a member of another club that has paid his ASA fees.

f you can include the ASA number, even better. Usually no special effort is required and we will not be charged.

If you want to be 100% sure, you can email the ASA after submitting the batch with renewals@swimming.orgto notify them of the situation.

Making Otter the player's first claim club

The more frequent issue is someone wanting to change us to be their first claim club when they are already registered with another. For this, I email the ASA to make the change (I believe they change the joining dates so that Otter would be the earliest club they joined) and then we are required to pay.