How to register a new player with the ASA

Otter competes in 4 leagues:

Thames Side Water Polo League;

Middlesex Water Polo League;

London Water Polo League; and

British Water Polo League ("BWPL").

Before a new member can take part in any of the above leagues, he must be registered with the Amateur Swimming Association ("ASA").

The registration for Thames Side, Middlesex and London Leagues are quite informal and take place via email with the leagues' organisers.

The registration for BWPL is very strict. If Otter plays a member without registering him with the ASA and with BWPL, the club will get penalised with point deduction and monetary fines.

Therefore, the registration of a new player with BWPL is a two step process.

The first step will always be the registration with the ASA.

You can find the checklist for the registration with BWPL here

Registration of Players with the ASA

Input player's details onto the ASA's website

Go to and log into the ASA's Online Membership System ("OMS")

The login details and password can be found in the following path:

Dropbox/Waterpolo Admin/ASA Registrations/Passwords

Log in as "[OTTL] Otter SC as Deputy

Once logged in click on "Membership" on the top navigation menu and select "Add new member" from the pop up navigation menu.

Fill in the blanks using the player's information.

Tick all the boxes that appear to the right once you enter the requested information.

Click continue

Once you clicked continue the following message will be displayed on the screen

Now click on "Batch Management" in the top navigation menu.

You will be prompted onto the Batch History.

Your player should be in the top batch. Make sure that his name is included in the batch by clicking onto the batch number.

Once you get into the batch check that all the information is correct and then click "Submit"

Tick all the boxes and confirm batch submission.

The OMS will then confirm the submission.

Once the ASA updates the record they will send an email to the Otter representative confirming that the the player has been registered.

If you are not the registered Otter's representative you will not get this emails.

You will be able to check the status of the registration by logging onto the Online Membership System and look at the status label of the batch number.

If the status has changed from "awaiting forms" to "print cards" it means that the record has been updated.

You will also be able to confirm this if the player in the batch has been assigned an ASA number.

You will need this number to register the player with BWPL.

Congratulations! You have now registered a player with the ASA.