Otter Swimming

If you are interested in joining Otter Swimming Club please send an email to to organise a free trial session. Trial sessions usually take place on the Sunday evening training sessions at Queen Mother Sports Centre.

Otter Water Polo

If you're interested in joining Otter Water Polo please send an email to the water polo captain Peggy (Ladies) or Leon (Mens) to organise a free trial session. 


Already done a trial & now want to sign up? Please confirm your membership by emailing


The full year active member fee is £636 p.a. This can be paid yearly in one lump sum. Alternatively, you can pay quarterly (£180) or monthly (£60).

The type of membership you hold with Otter will affect the fees you pay:
•    Active Member (25% - 50% discount for students & juniors)
•    Country Member (for those permanently residing outside the M25)
•    Temporary Member £68 monthly (if visiting for 4 months or less.)  

A one-off joining fee of £60 also applies for all new members. There is a 50% discount for students to £30.

If you would like to compete there is a further annual fee of £27.50 to cover the competition registration with the ASA.

Further details regarding the types of membership we offer are available here